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Job Vision is a nationwide supplier of consultancy services for people who have either lost their jobs or want a career change. We also help companies regarding outplacement, Interim, Spouse jobs and work closely with insurance companies and job centers throughout the country.

When we work, we believe in individual courses that develop each individual. We want our candidates back to work and do our utmost to bring out the best in the people we are responsible for. We communicate straight out and are eager to move boundaries. But we do it with great respect for the individual and in a proper way. In our opinion, it is the best basis for creating positive, lasting change

Job Vision is based on the philosophy that everybody is able to and should be in work as far as possible. We take pride in respecting the individual person and listening and learning from people wherever we go. This means that we always choose the methods and tools that best suit the person we work with. We think beyond the predetermined limits and pay tribute to the principle that we once in a while benefit from being pushed a little in the right direction. We do this with the greatest possible degree of empathy and recognition.


Job Vision has been the business partner of choice in the HR area since 1994, where the company was established by the two job-seeking job visionaries Bjarne Sunder and Axel Ramsing.

At that time, both were out of work and they participated in an activation project for unemployed. Their experience was that existing projects for unemployed were not efficient enough and they got the idea of starting a more beneficial activation program for unemployed. The idea became Job Vision, Denmark’s first company for career counseling of terminated employees and unemployed people who are well-educated.

  • In 2005, Job Vision is sold to Krifa Holding A / S, but continues as an independent company.

  • For three consecutive years, Job Vision is nominated as “Entrepreneur of the year” by Ernst & Young.

  • In 2006, Axel Ramsing and Bjarne Sunder resign.

  • In April 2013, Job Vision is joined with The company continues as a new and entire Job Vision A/S with its headquarters in Copenhagen.

  • In 2015 and 2016, Job Vision is ranked among the top five among Denmark’s Best Workplaces® (Great Place to Work®).

  • By 2016, Vision is ranked as number 16 among Europe’s best small workplaces by Great Place to Work®

  • May 2018, JKS Group buys 33% of Job Vision. That means there are now three owners Morten Engel Nielsen, Juliette Guldberg and Jan Stampe Nielsen.

Values, vision and mission

Our vision, mission and values are the driving force behind our entire business.


Job Vision works according to the following three basic values:

Respect – in all relations

  • We maintain respect towards everybody who we deal with

  • We maintain respect regarding dissimilarity

  • We create relationships through recognition

  • We treat everyone in our house as guests

  • We talk favourably about candidates, customers and each other

  • We keep our promises

Strong focus on achieving results

  • We set realistic performance targets

  • We continuously focus on efficient processes

  • We follow up on things and evaluate our efforts

  • We say yes to business that creates value for the customer and us

  • We deliver what is expected of us plus a little more

  • We optimize and evaluate work procedures

  • We mark our results and tell the story


  • We communicate directly, clearly and easily

  • We take the confrontation when necessary (with orderliness in mind)

  • We use the positive humor when communicating both internally and externally

  • We resolve disputes when they arise

  • We will not turn our back on you, if the situation becomes unpleasant

These values serve as guidelines for how we interact with each other, our customers and partners.


Active co-responsibility


The mission is our reason for existing. It expresses the promise which we give to our customers.

“We bring unique solutions to the labor market”.

Job Vision is a nationwide supplier of consultancy services for people who have either lost their jobs or want a career change.

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