Career – new career

Would you like to try something new in your career? Do you want a career change and a new job? It can be difficult to get on with your career without the professional help of a recruitment agency, temporary agency or outplacement agency. At Job Vision, we have many years of experience in the guidance of candidates, so Job Vision’s professional career coaches can help you by means of a tailored process.

There may be several reasons why you want a shift in your career and not wanting to stay in your current job for several years in the future. It is an honest case that you are no longer satisfied with your daily life even if you are competent in your job. If you do not solve your career dilemma, it will get you on. You may end up in a so-called career crisis.


Career change

Perhaps you are basically satisfied with your job, but you know at the same time that you are able to perform so much more. You may miss challenges at work or dream of more responsibility or having further education.

You might want to try something new in your career without knowing exactly what. You can define what you love about your job and what you’re tired of, and what you want – e.g. things like more influence, more money etc. Perhaps you dream about working with e.g. communication, so start reading job advertisements and the demands made in this regard. Try to consider whether such a job appeals to you.

It may also be the case that you actually already know what you dream of working with, but you be afraid of taking the plunge – perhaps because of expected wage decline. If the new job is making you happier, lower pay may mean less. You must prepare yourself properly if you are making a career change. A Job Vision Career Coach can help you through a career crisis, so you move on and become contended with your career again.