Career coach and career counsellor

The labor market has developed a lot during the recent years. Not only directors and people in top positions are reconsidering their career and considering a career change. Career counseling is for everyone, and at Job Vision, our professional job consultants, career coaches and career counsellors are not only working for the elite in the labor market. Many employees or terminated employees are considering whether they are satisfied in their careers. Perhaps some people want a new job and a new career. It may be difficult to define what you want and which way you want to proceed.

Therefore, it is a good help to complete a course at Job Vision, which helps our candidates throughout the process. At Job Vision, you get an individual course with a permanent career coach / career counsellor. If you are talking about career, you might say that your career describes your way through your education and working life. Most employees face changes during their career. It does not have to be an expression of anything negative. You do not always choose these changes yourself, but changes can nevertheless have a positive impact in your life.

If you have been terminated by your employer, it is seldom a nice feeling. A professional career coach or career counsellor can help you get a new job faster. At Job Vision, our professional career coaches or career counsellors also help you with your job hunting. It may be many years ago that you have been writing job applications last. A lot has changed with regard to the way people are applying for jobs. Job Vision’s professional career coaches or career counsellors also help you to write a good resume and assist you with clarification of your skills, strengths and weaknesses.

At Job Vision, we have extensive experience in motivating our candidates, helping you set a strategy for your job hunting and train you in job interviews etc. You should consider motivation as your driving force. At Job Vision, we have close contact with companies throughout Denmark for your benefit.