Company restructuring

As an employer and perhaps a director, it can be a major responsibility when the company is restructured. If there are some employees who you are compelled to give notice to terminate in connection with the restructuring, it can be uncomfortable and difficult to handle as a director. At Job Vision, we help companies in connection with restructuring. In this regard, Job Vision gives companies some tools and guidance. Job Vision’s guidance shows companies how best to take care of employees. It is important that employees thrive and feel safe. Both well-being and security affect the health of the employees. The employees’ well-being is affected by the restructure of the company.

Job Vision can guide companies on how responsible restructuring can be done making sure to look out for the employees. You can also read about this topic on the internet, and Job Vision gives you an overview. Job Vision has several tools – including “STEPS TOWARDS SOUND CHANGE Initiatives” which has more authors. This international project – also known as the PSYRES project – has received support from among others The National Research Center for the Working Environment in Denmark.


Good communication is needed in restructuring

During a restructuring process, good communication, employee involvement and employee support is always an advantage. Proper information to the employees makes them safe as well as summarizing key points. Today’s modern companies cannot avoid ongoing restructuring. Among other things, the company’s competitiveness must be improved continuously. All employees will be facing restructure process one or more times at work. It has become a natural part of modern ways in business life.

There are many types of restructuring, and Job vision is a strong sparring partner for companies during these processes. Examples of this may include bankruptcy, outsourcing, mergers, recruitment of new employees, outplacement etc. Job Vision advises companies on how to optimize the restructuring process so employees are not demotivated. Most people prefer that everything is as it used to be. Changes are often received negatively and can make people feel insecure, because humans are creatives of habit. Job Vision has the overview and experience on behalf of the company during the entire process.