Get a job quickly, new job and job in the notice period

How do you get to work quickly and get new jobs and are you allowed to work in the notice period? You probably have many questions. Everything seems out of control and difficult, but you do not have to stand alone.

Job Vision has long experience in helping terminated people to find a new job and a new career. A notice of termination can give you new career opportunities, because you pay attention to finding out what you dream about and what are your strong points and weak points etc. You may also want to contact a temporary agency to find a job quickly.

You may want to start a new job during the notice period, but you may not know if this might be against the law. Job Vision offers guidance to terminated employees so they have less to wonder about. Job Vision writes a little about legal rules in Denmark and tries to give you an overview on this site.


Can I work during notice period?

Are you allowed to start in a new job during the notice period, this depends on your employment contract. You may have been immediately released from your job by your termination. During the notice period, you will usually continue to work as usual if you have not been suspended or immediately released from your job.

Have you been immediately released from your job, you can start in a new job during the notice period – and in some cases also during a suspension. As a rule, your employer has the right to terminate you and the notice of termination depends on several factors: how is your mutual agreement, have you been employed as a salaried employee and are covered by a so-called collective agreement etc.

When you have been given notice to terminate by your employer, the notice of termination from your employer must be a dismissal for just cause. A dismissal for just cause is based on dismissal due to the employee’s conduct, performance or otherwise or due to the situation of the company.

If either of this is not the case, you are entitled to compensation for a wrongful dismissal.

For instance, if you are pregnant, disabled, elderly or belong to an ethnic minority, among other things, you have special protection against termination.

Get in contact with Job Vision and our professional career coaches and let Job Vision assist you with guidance and a tailored course on your way to a new job.