Have you been given notice to terminate – and then what?

If you have been given notice to terminate your job, you are not the only one. Many people are given notice to terminate. There may be many reasons. Many people are fired from their jobs, even if they are skilled. There may a need for restructuring in the company.

If you have been given  notice to terminate your job, consider contacting a temporary agency, recruitment company, career center, etc. You can also contact a job consultant, career coach, HR consultant or HR employee. They have a large network and greater chance of getting you back into the labor market as soon as possible. Because most people want to find a job quickly – depending on how they react to the notice of termination.

Perhaps your former employer has given you an outplacement course with a career coach, etc., so you can get a job quickly, because you get professional advice all the way throug the course.


Notice to terminate

There are different responses to a notice of termination which is a big shock to many people – e.g. you do not know if you can manage your new situation, which you have not chosen yourself. It is, indeed, a radical change in your life. You probably wonder what to I say when I get home. You do not know if your financial situation can still work. You may be embarrassed that you have been given notice. Probably you wish to find work quickly somewhere else. You feel it is unfair that you have been given notice. You fear that you will not find a new job.

You need time to think and go through several phases – for example stress or depression, adapting and acceptance, talking to your family about the notice of termination etc. You must give yourself peace and quiet in the first time after the notice in order to get ready for a new job. Not everyone wants to find a job quickly, though.


Supporting people

At JobVision we are used to supporting people who have been given notice. We show understanding for this situation at Job Vision. Job Vision helps every single candidate with an individual and tailored course. Job Vision has many suggestions to start your new career, and we may also consider a termporary job. It all depends on the individual outplacement process among other things.