Individual coaching

Job Vision always offers tailored processes for terminated employees among others, because at Job Vision we are aware that everybody is different. It is different how far a terminated employee has come in the mental process. Most people are surprised that they are suddenly terminated. They are not prepared to be terminated. Therefore, there are many emotions in play and everyone has different responses. Some people quickly move on to a new job and look forward to their new career. Individual coaching, however, is not only used regarding terminated employees. Job Vision has regularly courses of individual coaching for example directors, but there are many opportunities.

Job Vision’s professional career coaches listen to what the terminated employees need and wish for. Job Vision targets its career counseling afterwards this and offers individual coaching. Job Vision coaching has the purpose of making the terminated employee consider the situation. In this regard, the career coach uses questions as a tool. The Career Coach helps the terminated employee all the way through an entire course. The purpose of this procedure is that the terminated employee on his own, but also with the support of the career coach, finds useful solutions. In this way, the terminated employee gets a better understanding of the situation.

Coaching is a good method for giving people the ability to become aware of new aspects of a matter. At the same time, coaching also offers new ideas on how to solve difficult challenges in the future. Coaching in general is therefore a good tool along with an individual coaching course with one of Job Vision’s career coaches. Coaching is not only applied in connection with work but also increasingly in private life. Coaching increases people’s awareness of many things, giving people better insight, so that clarity becomes more clear in situations where people lack an overview.

You can also choose to consider individual coaching as private career counseling with your personal career counselor or career coach at Job Vision.