Job transition

If you have been compelled to terminate one or more of your employees, it is never a pleasant thought. Many people get shocked and they all have different reactions to a notice of termination. Some people may become angry, and other people may be very sad etc.

It is an uncomfortable situation for all parties, but you can make it less uncomfortable, if you show some consideration for your employees and help them to move on. It’s an annoying and difficult situation when you are compelled to say goodbye to skilled employees. Of course there are other companies that need new competent employees with the same experience as your former employees. When you want to help your employees to move on through job transition, you could help your former employees in finding these companies

The purpose of a job transition process is supporting your former employees in their job hunting so they can get a job quickly. It is important to target your previous employees’ job hunting. This is a winwin situation for all parties, and it’s a fair way to say farewell to your former employees.


Job transition

A job transition process consists of e.g. competence clarification, job targeting, information retrieval, network implementation and preparation for job interviews. At Job Vision we listen carefully to the terminated employee and tailor an individual course that matches the terminated employee’s wishes and goals for future career and a new job. Job Vision and our career coaches and others offer both individual job transition processes and some workshops with small groups. Whether or not workshops may be relevant to your terminated employees depend on several factors. These include the question how many employees have been terminated, but it also depends on what the individual terminated employee wants in his or her new career and which needs each terminated employee has. Of course, the fired employees may not have the same profile every time.

You may have given notice to a large number of your employees, and then workshops can be very relevant to your business, but of course it depends on the needs of terminated employees. Many of the fired people want a new job quickly, but of course it depends of each individual former employee. Job Vision will with you during the entire process.