Even if you run a successful company there might be periods of time when you need a less number of employees. Job Vision takes care of the terminated employees and we are able to support their leader during and after terminations. At Job Vision we are specialized in outplacement – also known as job transition. We assist both the companies and the terminated employees through the process.

In our work we operate with results-oriented focus and we shall not be satisfied until the terminated employee go back to working. We have learnt that the individual strategy is creating the best results and is helping the terminated employee to move on fast career-wise

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Career Counselling

Job Vision’s personal career counsellor is your confidant when it comes to your career. The career counsellor is the specialist who makes you fully prepared for your next career move whereas you are the specialist knowing what is the right and best thing for you.

Job Vision has assisted several thousands of candidates in reaching their career goals. We are aware of the fact that your road to the right job opening is unique. This is why, your personal career counsellor will follow you all the way through with individually customized tools and guidance making you 100% prepared for your next career change.

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Business Coaching

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Stress has sneaked into Danish workplaces. Businesses everywhere experience employees suffering from stress. The World Health Organization, WHO, predict that, by 2020, stress and depression will be one of the largest contributors to sickness absence in the World.

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Job Vision is a nationwide consultancy for people who have either lost their jobs or want a career change.

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