Who takes care of your employees suffering from stress?

Stress has sneaked into Danish workplaces. Businesses everywhere experience employees suffering from stress. The World Health Organization, WHO, predict that, by 2020, stress and depression will be one of the largest contributors to sickness absence in the World.
A quick look at the stress situation in Denmark reveals only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Every day, 35.000 Danes call in sick, due to a bad mental work environment, which can result in i.e. stress, feeling burnt out, depression and psychosomatic symptoms.
  • 430.000 Danes, corresponding to 10-12%, experience symptoms of severe stress on a daily basis.
  • 250.000 – 300.000 Danes suffer from severe stress.
  • 500.000 Danes feel burnt out at work, due to stress.

Stress is expensive

It comes at a great cost, for both the individual suffering from stress, and for the workplace. That is why it is imperative to get help as soon as possible, to avoid a sick note. If the employee is already out sick, due to stress, quick help is also needed, to ensure that he or she recovers as quickly as possible, and returns quickly to the workplace.
In both cases a stress coaching course/stress coach, offers a quick and efficient way of helping the employee to become stress free – for the benefit of both the workplace and the employee.

  • 1.5 million extra sick days every year are caused by stress.
  • Work related sick days caused by stress cost the Danish society 27 billion Danish kroner annually.
  • 14 billion Danish kroner are spent annually on sick days, early death and other expenses for the healthcare system – due to stress.
    Source: stressforeningen.dk

What is stress coaching?

Stress coaching is a form of coaching specially developed to cure and prevent stress. Stress coaching is an efficient tool, both if you are already absent because of stress, or simply if you are feeling stressed or showing signs of stress.
Stress coaching is a combination of coaching sessions and learning efficient tools and techniques, to handle and avoid stress.
Through individual sessions, the course is molded to fit each individual candidate, their situation and level of stress. During the stress coaching itself, you will learn how to relieve your body of the stress, you will learn what stress is, and how to avoid it in the future.

Results of efficiently handling stress

The bottom line figures clearly show the results of handling stress efficiently:

  • Fewer sick days
  • Greater joy of working, thriving and satisfaction
  • Higher level of productivity and efficiency
  • A more efficient use and distribution of resources
  • Retention of key staff and leaders

What’s in it for your company?

  • Everyone will receive help through the Job Vision way of working
  • Everyone will be stress free, if following our methods
  • You can hold on to the employee suffering from stress, and maintain the balance in the rest of the team
  • You will get a clear indication of when the employee will be able to return to the workplace
  • You will build a strong image and send a strong signal about social responsibility

What’s in it for your employee?

  • Recovers from his or her stress
  • Learns what creates stress
  • Changes unhealthy habits and patterns into new and supporting ways of working
  • Learns efficient ways of relieving stress, and tools and techniques easily used in a normal work day
  • Greater sense of self
  • Learns to cope with and prevent future stress
  • Comes to terms with the stress and learns how do deal with it

What happens?

Interviews and exercises take place in a confidential environment with each session lasting 1-1½ hrs. A course typically consists of 6-12 interviews, depending on the level of stress. Initially we recommend one interview per week, followed by interviews every 2-3 weeks. Sessions are carried out by a certified stress coach – either face to face, by phone or through Skype, depending on what the candidate can manage.
When a candidate comes to us, we assess the level of stress, and from that we put together an individual program. See the illustration for an example of a stress coaching course.

  • Preventive courses:
    Business coaching is for those who feel they are becoming stressed – a preventive session, before the damage is done.
  • Stress coaching courses:
    For when the damage is done, and stress is in full effect. The candidate receives an accurate assessment, prognosis and schedule – everything is done in cooperation with the workplace.
  • Stress coaching including outplacement:
    For those who will not be returning to their current job, after finishing the stress coaching course.

The fine print

No prognosis can be made if the candidate has already been diagnosed (e.g. depression) – but everyone can be helped. A package of 6-12 sessions – 100% rate of success, if our recommendations are followed. There may be unknown factors that could influence the framing of the course.

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