What is outplacement?

After the termination from your job, you have probably met the word “outplacement” several times. But what is outplacement? Can you use outplacement for something? In fact, outplacement can be relevant for everybody, and not just something for certain professional groups, industries, etc. Outplacement is both aimed at the worker and the director, and at Job Vision outplacement is professional advice for terminated employees, too. Outplacement is sometimes offered by the employer to a terminated employee.

Termination is uncomfortable for both the employer and the terminated employee. The employer feels awful for bringing the employee into this difficult situation, but actually outplacement can make the termination easier for all parties. An employer will like to give their dismissed employees the chance to get back to work quickly, e.g. by means of a Job Vision outplacement process which the employer offers to his or her terminated employee moving on the road to a new career.


Better oportunities

Job Vision’s outplacement course will give the terminated employee much better opportunities to return to the labour marked quickly. Job Vision’s outplacement course is tailored to the individual employee’s individual needs and wishes, and helps both employers and employees to positively move on.

An outplacement course includes personal counseling, personality test, sometimes workshops and group events that offers the terminated employee some tools for working targeted on his or her way towards a future career. Outplacement gives the employee support to quickly move on to a new job in a good way. Outplacement reveals what the employee can and wants, and in what way, but also an overview of the results achieved. Many people, for their own part, have a blurred picture in this regard.

Outplacement providees clarity and is so much more than just writing applications. At Job Vision, we look at the future opportunities for career, and the terminated employee defines his or her personal values ​​and motivation and looks widely at his or her skills in order to create new job opportunities. Here the employee’s network is also mapped. The LinkedIn profile is very important in this regard, as many terminated employees get new jobs on LinkedIn. Subsequently, targeted applications and CVs must be written. In a Job Vision outplacement process, the e.g. terminated employees go through the entire process of clarification etc. before the terminated employee will be ready to seek new jobs.