What is coaching?

If you have been terminated from your job, you have a lot to consider. But remember: When one door closes, several new doors often open. You are going to consider your life and your future career now. You try to define what are your strengths and weaknesses. You may decide to get professional guidance and coaching with the goal of “Finding a Job Quickly”. You may talk to a job consultant or career coach in connection with your career change and, thus, receive career counseling.

At first, you might wonder: what is coaching? At Job Vision, our professional career coaches work with coaching, career change, outplacement etc. Job Vision helps many thousands of terminated people to return to the labour market and new jobs and to move on in their careers every year. At Job Vision you also have the opportunity to have a personality test in your individual course at Job Vision. You get a tailored course that matches your current needs and wishes for your further career.

But what is coaching then? Coaching an optimal method that creates change, coverage and utilization of your personal potential and your awareness about it. Coaching gives you enhanced personal insights that all contribute to meeting your personal goals. It may be difficult on your own, therefore, a career coach is a good sparring partner. You become more aware of your skills, potentials and abilities, and you start thinking in new ways. You can reach your new goals and get ready for change more easily.


Tailored courses

Job Vision career coaches challenge your way of thinking and breaking your usual way of thinking. You get faith, the will and the motivation to move forward with new necessary tools on the way to your new career. Job Vision’s career coach will be with you all the way through, and you get a permanent career coach at Job Vision, who is tailoring each course. All Job Vision career coaches are trained and have extensive experience in coaching.

During a coaching course, you are in focus and it is only about you in every coaching session in order for you to be motivated and to be strengthening your ability to act. Together, we uncover your potentials for your career so you can move on to a new job.